Thoughts of summer

August party in the village

The project was late, two months overdue.
They held a launch party for the extension;
invited the architect and made fiendish plans.
The sacrifice heard rumours and didn't turn up.
I brought a visitor:
had to persuade them not to use her instead.
The party swarmed through three houses and gardens;
so bright and noisy.
Someone said "Turn up the music;
Don't worry about neighbours, they're all here!"
I'd never seen trees dancing salsa before.

Summer night

Tonight is hot, too hot for sleep. Honeysuckle scent rolls heavy over the grass and in through the window. The music is full of complex rhythm; while I move to it I think of you and how much I want to lie with you in the warm darkness. The air is almost as warm as your body: I feel it around me and remember you.

An evening with friends

The touch of amber velvet recalls your sun-warmed skin;
and memories connect me with your thoughts
across the room, in glance of understanding love
supported by the depth of our content.

The sparkling motes of talk drift down in harmony and wit
of conversations netted round our friends.
And later we shall take the best jewels of this time
to share within the small snug world of night.

Made April 2006
by Elisabeth