About me

Born in Lancashire and soon moved to Venezuela (father was Telecommunications Manager for Shell de Venezuela); lived in the West Indies for a little while. Went to school in the New Forest. Owned a shop in Wales, spent some time in the Isle of Wight, managed a music-and-decorating business in Suffolk, got into computing and technical writing, then software systems engineering and finally consultancy. I've done lots of other jobs: from running an antiques stall to data entry, with occasional cabaret (or even singing in pubs).


Singing: Renaissance and Baroque, some choirs, a 6-part vocal group, a folk duo, occasional jazz, and a sadly-extinct folk-rock band. Available for gigs at a small fee.

Baha'i though not active

Women's Engineering Society - I was on council for a while before going into music, and worked on MentorSET, the national mentoring project for women in Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators

CCI Co-Counsellor though not currently active

Eastern Early Music Forum (EEMF)

Sometime Servas host

A tiny and adorable 400-year-old cottage in Suffolk, rented out to pay the mortgage while I'm studying.

Work background:
Technical writing and editing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultancy, assessment, and software systems
TickIT auditing (to ISO9000-3 or ISO9001)
Made April 2006
by Elisabeth